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Adam Zayne Whitener

Adam Zayne Whitener lives in Louisville Kentucky with his daughter, their rescue cat, a loveable pit bull, and a toy poodle. He's been writing stories since the age of seven, and has dreamed of being an author since he was twelve. In high school, he played clarinet in marching band, was a member of the French, club, and winter guard. When he isn't writing or reading, he loves to travel and explore new places--especially caves. WEREWOLVES OF BRISTOL MANOR is his first novel.

Allison Chernutan

ALLISON CHERNUTAN hopes to be a New York Times bestselling author of young adult fiction one day, but for now, she’s just trying to get all of the stories out of her head and into the world. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband Steven and their incredibly chill rescue dog Braunger. When her characters aren’t yelling at her to write more of these darn book things already, Allison can most often be found traveling to ride the next unique roller coaster on her list, or screaming out songs in the front row of a concert. Sky High is basically her favorite movie ever, and as a result, PYROKINETIC is her debut novel.

Cormac Lin

CORMAC LIN was born in Taiwan to a Taiwanese mother and American father. He was educated and raised outside of Seattle, Washington. He graduated from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, with an emphasis in Political Science. Cormac focuses his life today working with education, social issues, and animal rescue.

Lorne Dixon

Lorne Dixon lives and writes off an exit of Interstate 78 in residential New Jersey. He grew up on yellow-spined paperbacks, black-and-white monster movies, and the thunder-lizard backbeat of Rock 'N Roll. He believes lawn darts should be legalized, Barbara Steele's portrait should be on our money, and William Hope Hodgson's The House on the Borderland should replace Ethan Frome in high school literature classes.

Matt Doyle

MATT DOYLE is a pansexual/genderfluid author from the UK who primarily writes hybrid genre fiction with a sci-fi grounding and diverse characters. In recent years, Matt’s work has included the award-winning LGBTQ sci-fi mystery series, THE CASSIE TAM FILES, and several anthology appearances. AILUROS is Matt’s first adventure in experimental fiction.

When not working on yet another story, Matt can usually be found juggling freelance scriptwriting with running the pop culture website ‘Matt Doyle Media’, building cosplay, and programming video games.

Michael Maguire

MICHAEL MAGUIRE developed a thirst for both travel and story-telling from a very early age, like most Irish people. Born in County Down, Ireland, he set-off to explore the world, living in both Europe and the USA before finally settling in Sydney, Australia in 2004.

When he isn’t writing stories about giants and demons he can be found lifting heavy things, watching boxing/MMA or spending time with his beautiful wife and baby daughter.

Nathan Milner

Nathan Milner has pursued writing for decades across a range of professions and platforms, working as a journalist, copywriter and marketing specialist. Nathan has developed role-playing-game materials for Steve Jackson Games and Bards & Sages Publishing. And in recent years, he has written the middle-grade novels EXTINCTION STINKS! and A CLEARING OF CRYPTIDS.

Nathan lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania with his wife and two daughters.

R. Lee Fryar

R. Lee Fryar is a writer from the Arkansas River Valley. When she isn’t writing, she can generally be found up a mountain, out on a river, or in the woods somewhere. She writes adult fantasy and paranormal romance.

R. Tim Morris

R. Tim Morris has previously published four novels (Molt, The Inevitable Fall of Tommy Mueller, This Never Happened, and To Be Honest), as well as having edited and published a collection of short stories in 2020 (More Time: A Brief Anthology of Indie Author Short Fiction). All five books were published under his own imprint, Empire Stamp. Morris has had other works of short fiction published with Owl Canyon Press, Cardigan Press, and Sans Press. The Lost Memories of Oceans is his fifth novel.
He lives in Vancouver, Canada with his wife and two children.

Steven Lee Climer

STEVEN LEE CLIMER is a born creative, and works in the written, visual, and aural arts. He has been writing fantasy, horror, and science fiction for kids of all ages for over 30 years. He is the author of 15 novels, including the award-winning Dream Thieves, and Demonesque that was optioned for a feature film.

His 50+ short stories have appeared in print and online publications in North America and the UK. Steven is also an accomplished acrylic and oil painter, with work that can be experienced in many galleries and shops in the Philadelphia area.

When not writing and painting, Steven composes chill EDM music under the name SugarBuzz. His music​​ can be experienced on Spotify, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, and Amazon Music. He believes there are different voices and moods for each creative medium – like family harmony. He lives with the love of his life in Philadelphia and they are the proud dads of a porkie named Rocky, and two cats.

Toni Mobley

Currently residing in Los Angeles, TONI MOBLEY was raised in Australia and Japan. She spends her free time worshipping her two cats, who she can’t disprove aren’t vengeful deities. Hobbies include avoiding reality such as: reading, writing, playing video games, and watching the same five television shows as background noise. Featured in several anthologies, you can keep up with her works at

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