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Submissions will reopen in fall 2024


We are not accepting queries at the moment.

Here at Fractured Mirror Publishing, we are looking for novels that fall into the speculative fiction category.  This is a large category including, but not limited to, dystopian, fantasy, and sci-fi genres.

But, what exactly are we looking for?

At the moment we would love to see:

1) Books that feature diverse voices. We believe that literature, even fantastical literature, should reflect experiences and voices and lives from all types of people, so we are especially excited for diverse authors, characters, and voices.

2) Books that feature characters who break the mold, heroes that aren't what they seem, villains that are complex. We want characters who are strong and flawed and weak and daring. We want characters who aren't always good or bad and characters that challenge us to look at the world differently.

3) Books for adults and young adults. We will consider some middle-grade novels as well.

4) Either stand-alone books or ones that are part of a series.

How to Submit:


Submissions have changed, please review what each editor is looking for first!


In the body of your email, please include a query letter and a short writing sample (5 pages to 1 chapter).

Send queries to and be sure to specify in your email the editor you are querying. Title your email query: BOOK TITLE for EDITOR



Emily is looking for books big on character and relationship building. She loves slow burns and strong voices. Give her sapphic stories and quirky but flawed characters.

She is primarily seeking some solid middle-grade and YA fantasy featuring LGBTQIA+ characters, but  is open to fantasy, dark fantasy, and urban fantasy for any age reader. POC characters by POC authors are a plus.



Alex is all about fantasy—cozy, epic, dark, you name it. Some of her favorite series include the Witcher, the Dangerous Damsels, and Robin Hobb's Realm of the Elderlings. She doesn’t want to pigeonhole herself, so she’s pretty open to other genres as well. 


She’s looking for mystery, dystopian societies, and strong main characters who are diverse in age. Romance is a plus, but not necessary.



Adult fantasy is preferred, but horror or some combination of both is welcome. Less likely to accept sci-fi. Alternatives, like dreampunk or other out-of-the-box speculative fiction is encouraged.


She is looking for high creativity, strong character arcs, interesting plot twists, immersible worlds, and unpredictable stories. She is not looking for YA.



Patterson loves romance, fantasy, and sci-fi! She’s especially drawn to anything YA or with a female protagonist. She is a self-proclaimed wuss, so horror is a no for her.


She is looking for witty dialogue, interesting characters, and solid world-building.

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