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  • What is speculative fiction?
    According to Professor Marek Oziewicz, speculative fiction "interrogates normative notions about reality and challenges the materialism complacency that nothing exists beyond the phenomenal world." For us, this means a very broad umbrella of genres that encompasses fantasy, urban fantasy, science fiction, dystopian, etc.
  • How did you decide on the name?
    We look into mirrors so many times a day. We check to see if our hair is smooth, if our makeup is perfect, if our clothes are falling correctly. We expect to see a clear reflection, an accurate reflection. But, a fractured mirror reflects broken and fragmented bits of self. Speculative fiction asks readers to look at the world askew, to glance at it sideways, to look beyond what we see on the surface. The name, then, for our company came from this idea!
  • What is your philosophy here at Fractured Mirror Publishing?
    We strive to bring the best book by small and new authors to the field. But, we also believe in nurturing your passion for your book, and so, while our goal is to sell your books, we also take the process of writing and producing seriously. If accepted as one of our authors, you and your editor will work closely to guarantee a solid, polished story. You will also get to collaborate with our art director and editor in your final cover art. We want to build a solid working relationship with our authors without sacrificing professionalism and product.
  • Do I need to pay to have my book published by you?
    No, never! We are not a vanity publisher, which means that you outlay no money for the publication of your novel. Instead, you query us, and if we decide that your novel is a good fit for us, then we work with you to make your book the best it can be. We will help market and sell your book as well.
  • Do you offer an advance?
    Yes, but it's very small. We are a small press, and that means that we don't have the capital to provide large advances, but we do believe in the importance of an advance. For us, an advance means that we are commiting to you and your novel. Our advances are tiny, but by us putting "skin in the game," we hope to show you that we want your book to be a success, and we will work towards making that happen. With a small advance, though, means a bigger royalty percentage.
  • How will you help my book get seen?
    We do not have a separate marketing team at the present, but your book will be available through Ingram's distribution service. We also set up at various conventions where you books will be available for purchase to participants, and our goal is to get you into book signings at your local bookstores. We also participate in the NetGalley reviews and Goodreads Giveaways where your book will get into the hands of readers. Special giveaways through social media is another venue for getting your book out there.
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