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Happy 1st Anniversary!

Exactly one year ago in the middle of a pandemic, May 8, 2020, Fractured Mirror Publishing came into existence. For real. We, Allison, Alex, and I, officially launched the company website, catapulting us into business. And, a lot has happened in the space between.

On April 5th I had contacted Allison, a friend, and former colleague, asking for some help with setting up a friend’s novel. I had a domain name, a business name, and a single book to publish.

What happened after that, as they say, was history, but in such a short time, we have grown something truly great. Despite having owned Fractured Mirror’s domain name for years, the publishing house was largely, I thought, a dream.

But, in just under a month, Allison and I built our website. On May 8th, when it launched, I posted on Reddit’s /rpublishing. Alex messaged me, and after our first meeting, the three of us clicked. I couldn’t imagine a better team or better friends.

Together, the three of us fielded 21 queries between May 8th and December 31st. Twenty-one individual people responded to a call for submissions that we honestly never expected to get a response to. Out of those 21, we signed seven books ranging from middle grade to adult, epic fantasy to urban fantasy to science fiction. These amazing authors took a chance on us, a small woman-run speculative fiction press, and we couldn’t be more grateful!

Over this past year, we have learned a lot about the publishing world, ourselves, and how we desire to run as a company. We’ve come to understand why the Big 5 do some of the things they do, and we’ve forged ahead with some of our own ideas. Our goal to build a press that is inclusive and diverse, open and dynamic is becoming stronger and strong every day, growing rapidly from the very beginning.

We closed out our first year with four successful books, including one that has been slated as a finalist for an award. We’ve closed out our first year with solid relationships with our authors, a growing social media presence, and some big ideas for the future (all of which we cannot wait to share with you!).

The team does want to thank all of you who have made this dream possible. We would be here, first of all, without our authors. You all agreed to sign with a tiny press that had no track record; you’ve stayed with us, grown with us, and produced (or are still producing) magic with us. We would not be here with you!

We want to thank everyone who has tuned into our launches, liked and shared our posts, bought our books. I’m pretty sure our families own more shirts and books than

they care to! But, this thank you goes beyond our families. It goes out to each and every one of you who are reading this. Thank you!

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1 Comment

Carol Kudeviz
Carol Kudeviz
May 09, 2021

Happy Happy Anniversary, Fractured Mirror Publishing!!! What a successful year—6 amazing books!!! I can’t wait to see what the next year holds!!! Congratulations!!!❤️

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