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The Violet Mage

A Novel


L. R. Powell

romantasy, fantasy romance



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Ophelia Ivrea, the youngest princess of Maraleon, leads a life of little responsibility. Known throughout the nobility as having a mouth as sharp as her shooting, Ophelia spends her days shooting archery, riding her horse, and pushing the boundaries of her father’s patience.

However, Ophelia’s quiet castle life is upended when an opponent at an archery tournament accuses her of using magic to cheat, and his claims are not refuted. Ophelia then learns of the secrets her father has hidden from her—she was born with great magic and is the one foretold to save mankind from its forthcoming annihilation.

Feeling terrified and inadequate, and armed only with the magical abilities she all too recently learned she possessed, Ophelia decides to uncover the truth of the past and find a way to save the ones she loves from imminent destruction before it’s too late.

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