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Somniscope: A Dreampunk Convergence

An Anthology


Cliff Jones Jr.

dreampunk, sci-fi



979-8887850306 (Paperback)

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Somniscope: a device used to facilitate the exploration and study of dreams.

Dreampunk: a progressive genre of speculative fiction centered on dreams and dreamlike states of consciousness.

Convergence: the point at which multiple distinct entities come together to form a unified whole.

The visionary minds behind Mirrormaze: A Dreampunk Anthology are back in force with a book that defies categorization. Is it a collection of short fiction? Sure. A multi-author novel? That too.

Turn on, tune in, and blast off into a dream like no other! But fair warning: Once you enter the world of Somniscope, you may never again feel at home in your waking life.

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