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Broken Red Sky

A Novel


Anna Kirchner

urban fantasy



979-8887850375 (Paperback)
979-8887850382 (Hardcover)

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The world as we know it is over. Double-crossed by a friend, it’s not only Wiktoria dealing with the devastating consequences but the entire city. Wild magic fills the air, demons take over the streets and eerie red light seeps through the crack in the sky. Wiktoria and the Circle of Four must fix their mistakes before the demons take over for good or the gods return to the human realm. The only way forward is for Wiktoria to pass a set of trials thrown at her by Baba Jaga. But first, she has to escape the enemy who’s bent on using her powers for their own gain.

In the epic finale to the Little Black Bird trilogy, the stakes are higher than ever as the characters face the demonic apocalypse. One way or another, the world will never be the same again.

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