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A Novel


Amber Hanophy

fantasy, romantasy, romance, fantasy romance



979-8-88785-032-0 (Paperback)
979-8-88785-034-4 (Hardcover)

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Dove Seraphina isn’t a good witch– she knows that, and she’s never claimed to be one.

As the sole heir to her mother’s coven, Dove has only ever wanted one thing: revenge. Revenge against the Realm Bound gods who exiled her kind to a dwindling Isle nearly five hundred years ago. Trapped her entire life and unable to flee, she’s had plenty of time to ruminate over her vengeance.

Until the tides shift and the magic is weakened.

When her mother sends her into the enemy’s kingdom, Dove is ready to lie and steal her way into true freedom. Under a ruse and new identity, she’ll do whatever it takes to hunt down the only object that can save the witches. With the Bloodjewel, she can break the magic trapping her friends. Her family. No matter the cost, even if it means killing the very god who locked them away.

But in order to kill him, she must first know him.

Up against betrayal, ancient magic, and ruthless gods, Dove is forced to ask herself: is she the hero, or the villain?

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