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Who Are We?

Fractured Mirror Publishing is an independent press that focuses on speculative fiction for YA and adult audiences.  We strive to publish high-quality speculative fiction for audiences that challenge the way we look at the world around us, which prompts us to ask the questions "What If?" and "Why Not?". 

We are dedicated to the process of bringing our authors' novels to life, and we are committed to producing literature that is unique, vibrant, and makes you think.   

Our Newest Releases

Anna Kirchner

The magical world is at the brink of war and Wiktoria is pressured to pick a side. Should she break the curse, condemning magic but saving humanity, or should she save magic at the cost of leaving humans to the mercy of demons? The sequel to Little Black Bird brings back familiar faces and a host of new ones, along with introducing us to even more Slavic demons.

Anna Kirchner

Magic is dying out, but it will not disappear without a fight. Wiktoria is a seventeen-year-old with a secret: she has psychic powers. Her uncontrollable telekinesis hurts her and others, setting fires and throwing objects in the air, no matter how hard she tries hold it back. All she wants to have is a peaceful, average life, but it’s difficult when you’ve been cursed to destroy the magical world. Little Black Bird is a tale of trust, friendship and family, and what it means to discover one’s true path.

Cliff Jones Jr.

Dreck takes the reader on a journey through layers of narrative, each chapter having its own exciting logic, but be prepared for slippage and landslides along the way. Cliff Jones Jr. revels in a fragile world, where ghosts haunt your smart lenses, virtual reality intersects with dreams, and even life and death are more states of mind than physical processes. a brilliant exploration of technology’s strange new borderlands.



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