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Who Are We?

Fractured Mirror Publishing is an independent press that focuses on speculative fiction for YA and adult audiences.  We strive to publish high-quality speculative fiction for audiences that challenge the way we look at the world around us, which prompts us to ask the questions "What If?" and "Why Not?". 

We are dedicated to the process of bringing our authors' novels to life, and we are committed to producing literature that is unique, vibrant, and makes you think.   

Our Books

Extinction Stinks! A Dinosorcerers Tale
Nathan Milner

A group of dinosaur wizards known as Dinosorcerers escaped extinction 65 million years ago by fleeing the Earth. Now they're back and ready to reclaim the planet they once ruled.

Nine-year-old Charlie Appleday, with the help of his clever friend Meredith, travels back to the time of the dinosaurs to explore the roots of their ancient magic.

Can Charlie and Meredith uncover the secrets of the Dinosorcerers before it's too late?

Small Blue World 3D Cover.png
Small Blue World 
Steven Lee Climer

Armageddon. Apocalypse. Rapture.  

Call it what you want, but time on Mother Earth is running out.  And Gods are to blame.  You just can’t trust a God, especially when they decide to fight for control over all humanity. It is God against God. Against God. Against God. Against God. 

Ailuros 3D Cover.png
Matt Doyle

#Begin <Ailuros>

In the < present // future >, Alex and Josh must face < their own // a > monster if they are to salvage < their relationship // Ailuros Unit 23 > ;

These < are not > separate stories.



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