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Fractured Fairytale: A classical fairy tale that adds a twist, changes characters, or makes it more modern

Come step through the mirror into a world of fairytales turned upside down, where dancing princess fall in love with goblin kings and disabled princesses don't need to be rescued from tall towers.

Join fourteen authors as they explore fairytales from around the world, altering our expectations of stories we thought we knew so well. Each tale is a reimagined version of beloved stories, updating them for the modern reader and urging us to think outside of the box.

What will you find when you step through the looking glass?

Contributions by
“The Turtle on the Lily-pad” by Sonia Focke
“These Moonlit Tears” by Toni Mobley
“The Tender Strokes of Music” by Helen De Cruz
“The Princess from the Caves” by Jennifer Jeanne McArdle
“Eli and the Golden Caves” by Cliff Jones Jr.
“Insomnia Ate My Soul” by Lucy Zhang
“Vasilisa and the Night Witches” by Laurel Beckley
“The Price of Victory” by David Costa
“Gilded Goose Feathers” by Betsie Flynn
“This Marble Tower” by Toni Mobley
“Gravity” by Claire Olivia Golden
“The Glass Slipper” by Doug Rooney
“Nocturne” by Emily Barnett Kudeviz
“Twelve Dancing Princes” by Jenny McClay
“Hunger” by Sarah Dropek

Mirror Mirror

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