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Nine years ago, the fire-breathing dwarf Dwyn Ardoche accidentally killed the man he loved the most, ran away from the man he trusted the most, and disappointed the god he feared the most. All he wants now is a place to hide from the hell he's made of his life.

When he breaks the magical protections surrounding the derelict mountain of Ironsfork, he knows he's committing another crime. He doesn't have much choice. He's a Dragon, and when a Dragon catches fire, he can't be that choosy about location. He's been fouling magic for years and he's never been caught. This time someone is waiting for him. When the smoke clears, Dwyn is a prisoner and vigilante necromancer Nyssa Irons is sharpening her knife. It's personal. Nine years ago, this Dragon killed the man she loved and got away with a slap on the hand. Since then she has dreamed of revenge.

Nyssa offers Dwyn a choice: death by mercy or death by magic. Dwyn isn't afraid to die. Five-hundred years in the service of the God of the Dead could end at his trial as long as they end by his hand. But when Dwyn botches his own suicide, putting his faith on trial and his magic at the mercy of his enemies, he's got to live if he hopes to escape Ironsfork and get back in the good graces of an angry god. Now he's got a necromancer to murder, a mountain's worth of magic to fool, and his soul is on the line. If that wasn't bad enough, the mountain itself is trying to kill him, and he doesn't have the faintest idea why.


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