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Perihelion: (n.) The nearest point in a celestial body’s orbit to the sun.

In 1977, news anchorman Virgil Meadowlark suffered a mysterious convulsion on live television, shaking and babbling—some said speaking in tongues. The network issued a press release claiming that he’d had a stroke.

It wasn’t a stroke.

Meadowlark disappeared from public life for several years until he released a self-help manifesto. The book’s readers became followers.

The Perihelion cult was born.

Kelsibeth Riemann’s company, Divide By Zero, specializes in accomplishing the impossible. Sometimes her team uses smiles and persuasion; other times Kevlar vests and AR-15s. When they’re hired to steal a mysterious artifact from the Perihelions’ private community, Kelsibeth finds herself in a terrifying ordeal: embedded in a town where nothing is as it seems and no one can remain unchanged.

To survive the Perihelion Job, Divide By Zero is going to need a miracle.

Divide By Zero

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