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Small Blue World

A Novel



urban fantasy



978-1-7352171-5-4 (paperback)
978-1-7352171-6-1 (hardcover)

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Armageddon. Apocalypse. Rapture.

Call it what you want, but time on Mother Earth is running out. And Gods are to blame. You just can’t trust a God, especially when they decide to fight for control over all humanity. It is God against God. Against God. Against God. Against God.

The Ancient Ones like Chthulu; persistent Gods like Nemesis and Pluto; and upstart new Gods like teenagers Ray and Calliope. They will fight. Beyond death if needed to rule nature and Man. But “SHE” (Mother Earth) has her own plans to exterminate all Gods - Permanently.

Every war has guilty bystanders, observers, profiteers, and opportunists who stand to benefit in perverse ways. Professor Phineas Fletcher, with his mysterious parentage, wants a last chance at eternal love; the Wire, a sinister cult that kills gods and promotes false profits, wants to kill all the new gods that are emerging; and the Earth herself, who blesses us all with the ultimate destruction in her daughter named Betty.

The world is ending…and a new one is being born. Who survives to see the new dawn?

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