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A Novel



sci-fi, horror



978-1-7368183-7-4 (paperback)
978-1-7368183-8-1 (hardcover)

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#Begin <Ailuros>

In the < present // future >, Alex and Josh must face < their own // a > monster if they are to salvage < their relationship // Ailuros Unit 23 > ;

These < are not > separate stories.

The following report represents a summary of the incident involving the abandoned microgravity holiday destination, Ailuros Unit Twenty-Three, and the crew of the Salvagers Guild Three ship, The Orca. The report is comprised primarily of the official transcripts of both the aforementioned events on board the unit and my interview with Guild Director, Sarah Walker. The final entry consists of my summarizing thoughts on the case.

As is often the case in investigations such as this, in the end, Ailuros itself is as much the key to understanding the events as the people involved are.

Circumstances as well as personal choices are important, after all.

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